Foursite has managed the design and construction of multiple projects with a combined value in excess of 1 billion dollars consisting of well over 10 million square feet.

Development Feasibility

Foursite helps you go from opportunity, to possibility, to success.

When considering the purchase of property, there are numerous entitlement, design, construction, finance and legal issues to be considered to accurately evaluate the feasibility and ultimate profitability of the site. Foursite's Development Feasibility Services aid developers, brokers, investors and end-users with the identification, evaluation and purchase of property for their proposed use.

Government and Utility Coordination

Foursite's entrepreneurial spirit drives us everyday to hone our knowledge and expertise.

Government and utility company design guidelines, submittal requirements, plan approval processes and fee calculations are becoming more complex. As a result, many developers, design professionals and owners are seeking professional assistance. Foursite has developed a host of specific Government and Utility Coordination Services addressing this increasing need.

Design Management

Foursite's dedication to excellence ensures your project remains true to your vision.

A successful design accurately communicates the Client's vision; adheres to all applicable regulations and stipulations; provides sufficient construction detailing; and meets or exceeds the project's function, aesthetic, schedule and budgetary goals. Foursite's Design Management Services help ensure that the construction drawings are successfully designed and approved in a defined controlled process.

Construction Management

Foursite earns your trust by finding the smartest path to project completion.

Construction Management requires technical and practical experience in estimating, definition of trade scopes of work, bidding, contract law, lien law, budgeting, job cost accounting, scheduling, construction methods, and project closeout. Foursite's Construction Management Services provide Clients with the expertise and resources necessary to complete their construction project in the most expeditious manner.

Tenant Coordination

Foursite is uniquely qualified to facilitate Tenant issues.

While working in concert with our client's leasing staff and the Project Architect, Tenant Coordination utilizes a discerning eye and hands-on experience for the review of tenant lease agreements, criteria and prototype drawings to ensure the developers construction drawings are in compliance with the aforementioned tenant requirements. As conflicts occur, we quickly notify Clients with a recommended course of action complete with estimated cost and schedule impacts. This efficient approach maximizes valuable time and resources.

Lender Representation

Foursite leverages risk by remaining accessible, forthright and diplomatic.

The complexity and the risk inherent in real estate development and construction require lenders and investors to seek professional representation in order to protect their financial interests. The Lender Representation Services offered by Foursite help mitigate the risk to lenders and investors prior to their commitment to finance, throughout the construction process and at project close-out.